Get your very own COMMERCIAL AD SPOT. Plus ALL the tools in this POWER PACKED package.

Get your very own commercial ad spot.

Have you been looking for an affordable marketing solution for your small to mid-sized business?

Stop looking.  You’ve found it.

Affordable?  You bet we are!

It’s simple!

1.  We will record a 30 second commercial for you.

That’s right.  You get your very own AUDIO commercial. *

We will help you write the script then, record a commercial ad spot (30 second) for your business service, book, event or non-profit organization.

2.  We will play your commercial ad spot for 30 days on our upcoming show segments on and on any of our partner stations.

3.  In addition, we will drive traffic to your website everyday for the next 30 days.

30 to 50 visitors EVERY DAY!  SEO complimentary traffic, for the next 30 days to your website.  We will provide a link so that you may watch the traffic every day.  (Real Visitors with unique IP addresses.)

4.  We will PIN YOUR ad, video or banner to our CBBN Facebook Group for one week Right up at the top for all to see!

5.  Give us your BEST Tweet and we’ll send the message out to our 11,000 plus followers every day for the next 30 days.  

Follow us here on Twitter.

6.  In addition, we’ll provide you with your own show page and do a 1/2 hour interview on CBBN Business Journals.

7.  Give us your best Tweet and we will send it out to 5 other accounts over the next 30 days.

Hurry!  Click HERE to order today!  This FANTASTIC price will NOT last.

ALL items must be used within the next 30 days of order.



We have a right to refuse any order with incurring any liability.  You agree to these terms when you place your order.  No xxx.  No gambling. No Gigs. No competitive products. No politics or politicians.  No music with drugs or violence. No radio programs, SEO or marketing promotions.

PLEASE NOTE:  *Commercial ad spots are for 30 seconds ONLY.  Male or female voice over artists.  (Your choice.)  No music or multiple personalities. This is a straight voice over read.  Listen here to some of our past sponsors.

CBBN Marketing Solutions makes it easy to make NEW connections and reach potential clients.


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